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Celtic, British and French Dieties

The Maker

The Maker, also known as The One, is the central character in the monotheistic Church of England and The Church of France. The churches are collectively known as The Church of The Maker. For those that belive, The Maker is the only true god and that all others are false. There is no religious tolerance within The Church of The Maker.

The Crusade against the heathens of other religions began almost a hundred years ago. Both in England and France, The Church of The Maker taxes it’s citizens relentlessly to ensure that the war chest remains full. Able bodied men are conscripted to join in The Crusade, toil the land, work for the church or someway contribute to the spreading of the doctrine of the church.

Placing the forefinger to one’s heart symbolizes worship of the one.

Alignment – Lawful Good
Domains – Artifice, Good, Law, Community, Protection, Plants
Holy Symbol – A perfect circle.
Plane – Arcadia

And it shall come to pass.
On the night that heavens cry tears of blood
On this day One will be born
The sins of the past will be washed away
The One will be born pure
The One will be either a saviour or a destroyer of the people.

For every light there must be a shadow. Heylel, the UnMaker, is the dark shadow associated with The Maker.

The Old gods

Worhipers of The Old gods wear a torc. The torc acts as a holy symbol for the god or goddes most favored by the worshiper. These gods are still strongly worshiped in Scotland and the Irish Kingdoms.

The Celtic new year begins at sunset on October 28th. This ritual is known as Ancestor Night or Feast of the Dead. Because the veil between the worlds is thinnest on this night, it was and is considered an excellent time for divinations. Feasts are made in remembrance of dead ancestors and as an affirmation of continuing life. A time for settling problems, throwing out old ideas and influences.

The website provides a detailed overview of Celtic religion that is the basis of The Old Ways.

  • Dagda – Dozen King – Alignment – Neutral;Domains – Air, Artifice, Glory, Nobility and Strength; Symbol – Bubbling Cauldron
  • Arwan – god of the dead, The Dark One, Alignment – Lawful Evil; Domains – Death, Darkness, Evil, Law and Trickery; Symbol – A black star on a gray background. Place of Worship: Grove. Long is the day and long is the night, and long is the waiting of Arawn
  • Achtland – goddess of sensuality and magic, Alignment – Chaotic Good; Domains – Knowledge, Charm, Magic, and Trickery; Symbol – silhouette of a naked woman
  • Brigit – goddess of fire and poetry, Alignment – Neutral; Domains – Charm, Fire and Travel; Symbol – Female form bathed in fire
  • Diancecht – physician of the gods, Alignment – Lawful Good; Domains – Good, Healing, Law and Knowledge; Symbol – Crossed oak and mistletoe branches
  • Dunatis – god of the mountains and peaks, Alignment – Neutral; Domains – Air, Earth, Fire, and Strength; Symbol – Red sun-capped mountain peak
  • Goibhnie – blacksmith of the gods, Alignment – Neutral; Domains – Artifice , Fire, Rune and Destruction; Symbol – Giant mallet over sword
  • Lugh – god of generalities, Alignment – Neutral, Domains – Liberation, Nobility, Animal and Community; Symbol – A pair of long hands
  • Mananan Mac Lir – god of the seas, Alignment – Chaotic Neutral, Domains – Air, Chaos, Luck, Liberation and Water; Symbol – A wave of white water on a green background
  • Morrigan – goddes of war, Alignment – Neutral, Domains – Destruction, War, Protection and Repose ; Symbol – two crossed spears
  • Nuada – god of war, Alignment – Neutral, Domains – Nobility, War and Strength; Symbol – A silver hand on a black background
  • Oghma – god of knowledge, Alignment – Neutral, Domains – Knowledge, Rune and Travel;Symbol – An unfurled scroll
  • Silvanus – god of the forests and nature, Alignment – Neutral, Domains – Animal, Community, Plant, and Sun; Symbol, Weather – A summer oak tree

A more exhaustive list of Celtic Dieties can be found at Joelles Sacred Grove.

Celtic Prayer

I arise today
Through the strength of heaven:
Light of sun,
Radiance of moon,
Splendour of fire,
Speed of lightning,
Swiftness of wind,
Depth of sea,
Stability of earth
Firmness of rock.

Other Influences

Despite the efforts of The Church of The Maker, the influences of other cultures continue to make their way into England and France. While traveling through these countries one may come across travelers or settlers that bring their religion from their place of birth. Some of these influences include:

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