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The Dieties of Elvenkind

On Pa’Aerth, we will utilize the TSR and Wizards of the Coast’s Seldarine and Dark Seldarine pantheons of Elven dieties. The Races of the Wild rules supplement provides a detailed account of the Seldarine pantheon.

The Seldarine

  • Alobal Lorfiril, demigod of hedonism, mirth, magic and revelry.
  • Aerdrie Faenya, goddess of air, weather, avians, rain and fertility.
  • Corellon Larethian, greater god of all elves, as well as magic, music, arts, crafts, warfare and poetry. (also a core power)
  • Deep Sashelas, god of aquatic elves, oceans, knowledge, beauty and water magic.
  • Elebrin Liothiel, god of nature, gardens, orchards and harvest.
  • Erevan Ilesere, god of mischief, change and rogues.
  • Fenmarel Mestarine, deity of wild elves, outcasts, scapegoats and isolation.
  • Hanali Celanil, goddess of love, romance, beauty, fine art and artists.
  • Labelas Enoreth, god of time, longevity and history.
  • Rillifane Rallathil, god of wood elves, woodlands, nature and druids.
  • Sehanine Moonbow, goddess of mysticism, dreams, far journeys, death, full moons and transcendence.
  • Shevarash, deity of vengeance, loss, crusades and hatred of the drow.
  • Solonor Thelandira, god of archery, hunting and wilderness survival.
  • Vandria Gilmadrith, goddess of war, guardianship, justice, grief, vigilance and decision

The Dark Seldarine

The Dark Seldarine is the Dark Elf pantheon of gods. It consists of:

  • Eilistraee : CG, Goddess of song, beauty, dance, swordwork, hunting, and moonlight.
  • Kiaransalee : CE, the Lady of the Dead, The Revenancer or The Vengeful Banshee, goddess of undead, vengeance.
  • Ghaunadaur : CE, God of oozes, slimes, jellies, outcasts, ropers, rebels.
  • Lloth: CE, The Demon Queen of Spiders, Spider Queen and the Queen of the Demonweb Pits, is the chief goddess of the Dark Elves. Goddess of spiders, evil, darkness, chaos, assassins
  • Selvetarm : CE, The Spider that Waits or Lolth’s Champion, god of Dark Elf warriors.
  • Vhaeraun (vay-RAWN): Masked Lord and the Masked God of Night, god of thievery, Dark Elf males, evil activity on the surface

Other Influences

The obvious influences will be similar deities from cultures where the elves make their home.

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Pantheon - Elvenkind

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