Skill Notes

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Here you will find some skill details that are not included in the Pathfinder rule books.


  • Archery – Archery contests are especially popular
  • Bowls
  • Colf – the ancestor of Golf ( a sport for the nobles)
  • Gameball – a simple football game
  • Hammer-throwing
  • Hurling or Shinty – a similar game to hockey
  • Horseshoes – throwing horseshoes at a target
  • Jousting at Tournaments
  • Jugger – A team is composed of the following: One qwik: An unarmed player, and the only one allowed to touch the skull; One chain: A player armed with a chain; Three enforcers: Armed with their choice of weapons (except chain) who may handle the skull with their weapons; and Up to three substitutes, who may replace any player. The objective of the game is for the teams qwik to get the foam dog skull, or jug, on the opposing teams stake to score goals while minimising the number of goals the opposing team scores within the time limit. The enforcers role is to defend their qwik from the opposing players. The two qwiks start outside the centre circle and when the game begins wrestle for the skull. The enforcers may not enter the circle until the skull or the whole body of one of the qwiks leave the circle. This is all based on the game played in the movie Blood of Heroes.
  • Quarter-staff contests
  • Skittles – an ancestor of modern ten-pin bowling
  • Stoolball – an ancestor of Cricket
  • Wrestling


The people of Pa’Aerth speak many different languages. There is no common toungue that is spoken every where. Each culture, some races and geographic regions will have a dominant language. Learning a new language will require access to someone that speaks and/or writes in the language. You may also use a written text book to acquire a new language but this will require two skills picks to learn a language from a book.

Common Languages:

When creating your character you may replace any of your languages with one of the following:

Other Languages:

  • Afroasiatic – Africa
  • Arabic – Arabia
  • Aztecan – South America & Mexico
  • Chinese – China
  • Coptic – Egpyt
  • Japanese – Japan
  • Khoisan – Africa
  • Mongolian -
  • Myan – South America & Mexico
  • Nilo-Saharan – Africa

Racial Languages:

  • Sylvan – Spoken by fey
  • Dwarven
  • Elven
  • Orc

Older Languages: Requires GM permission

  • Abyssal
  • Ancient – Pa’Aerth Masters
  • Celestial
  • Draconic
  • Infernal
  • Melnibonean

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Skill Notes

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