Adventures on Pa’Aerth!

Pa’Aerth (Parallel Earth) is a world that parallels the geography and many of the ancient societies of Earth. Imagine a world where magic thrives, the gods once walked the earth and ancient societies never crumbled. One may travel the world from the dark reaches of the Mayan and Aztec jungles, to the verdant realm of Ancient Egypt, to the misty shores of Camelot. Welcome to Pa’Aerth…

The planet Pa’Aerth is about three times the size of earth. This great size has allowed for greater geographic separation of cultures. Add in some rather extreme natural geographic phenomena and you have cultures that have been able to grow and thrive in isolation.

The timeline of the growth of many societies on Pa’Aerth does not match the timeline on Earth. On Pa’Aerth, the Knights of the Round Table exist at the same time that the Myan Empire is at its height and during the peak of the Roman Empire’s strength. Of course the arcane arts and divine powers have played a major role in shaping the course of history and the interactions of nations.

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