Meeting a Leper Girl

A frightend girl comes stumbling and running through the night upon the group’s camp site. On her heels comes a large black hound that surprised Alwin as it materializes out of the darkness… one the hound is killed the frightened girl named Freada tales the following tale… (in French as translated by Castiel).

Two days ago, Bar Le Duc was attacked by creatures of the night. Father and several other men took up their staffs and clubs to fight off the creatures, after a pitched battle, he returned bloodied, battered and broken directing me to flee at first chance when they made a last ditch effort against the creatures. I refused and father hid me in the cellar after I promised to keep safe. I can’t describe the horrible sounds I heard that night, the silence afterward was even more frightening. I will have nightmares for the rest of my life… I got no sleep that night, and crept from my hiding place when sunlight crept it’s way in. The imagined horrors of the night before were surpassed by what I saw that morning when I crept out of hiding… everyone in the town was dead, bodies were hung from trees, with their innards splayed out on the grown before them, evil signs were drawn on the ground with their blood and innards… I saw my father’s body there with the others, crying silent tears, I fled into the early morning to find some safety.

That howling sound is one of the sounds I heard two nights ago as my family and friends were killed. I have been running since sunset when I first heard the noise and it has gotten closer, and closer, and closer… I am so afraid. Can you protect me?

Bar Le Duc (Meuse) – County Town of Meuse, Bar-le-Duc is situated in greenery about 200 miles from Paris and is twinned with the towns of Griesheim and Gyönk.

The town is a town of lepers that kept an age old tradition of making some of the finest wine in France. The Bar Le Duc label garners a +25% increase in price on a bottle of wine. The leper colony has a single chapel to the … once a year, one cursed leper is healed based on their demonstration of dedication to the church and a random lottery.

Lord Merovech Dubois servant of the Maker was a vigilant warrior that patrolled the lands surrounding Bar Le Duc and fell in love with Mary AnneBenoit. Lord Dubois and a score of faithful warriors patrolled the borders, each with a trust worthy war hound and horse.

For years Lord Dubois petitioned the Church to heal Mary Anne of her affliction but each year his plea was not fulfilled. Last fall, Mary Anne died from her illness and Lord Dubois rose from her death bed, slayed the local priest and fled into the night. Over the last year it has become increasingly more dangerous to travel at night and some of the farm animals have come up missing.

When the adventurers return to Bar Le Duc they find a hill giants and a band of Bug Bears. They each wear an iron mask painted white and wield cold iron weapons.

The group heads on to Griesheim to find it in flames with giants and bug bears in the streets. The group decides to not engage in battle but instead head to Gyönk to warn the towns people of what they think is an impending attack….



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