Managing Lose Ends In London

Saturday October 20, 1207 SA
Deposit their riches at Glyn, Halifax and Company for a modest 2% fee. The group gets some interesting glances from the accountants at Glyn, Halifax and Company as they spill out hundreds of bright red gems. The group raises even more eyebrows when the say that they must stay as the value of the gems are assessed. Even more shocking is the sum of 1,000,000 silver pieces in exchange for the gems.

Alwin meets with John, John and John at the Raven Lore Public House to get details on Yve’s location.

Castiel and Avari visit the Green Monastery to spread some wealth and continue their quest to find an organized group of thieves and cut throats.

Sunday October 21, 1207 SA
Assaulted in the Streets
The adventurers are attacked by a group in the streets. A humanoid bound from head to toe attacks the group with psionic powers, a wizard hurls arcane blasts as a few fighters assault the party. The group kills the attackers and learn that Castiel is being hunted by a group that believes that Psionic powers are a vile corruption. A letter found on one of the attackers mentions a group called the Colorless Lodge. Avari recognizes this group as a cult of mentalists. He knows of one of their monastaries in Alexandria, Egypt.

Meeting Yve
The group meets at last with the enigmatic figure Yve to determine if she can be of any help with removing the spells from the House of the Setting Sun. Yve’s home is heavily guarded by at least three guards and multiple locked doors before reaching a cozy room that has walls lined with books. The chamber is brightly light by a large chandelier and many candles.

Yve would charge the group 500gp to leave her basement dwelling and another 300 gp per spell cast. She has no desire to risk her life fighting any creatures and describes herself as a “simple librarian.”

Kizzar O’Siren offers to trade the Book of Faceless Hate for her services.

Yve asks several questions about Kizzar’s trek across the Silk Road from Japan to Europe and sprinkles in some Japanese phrases into the conversation.

Monday October 22, 1207 SA
Kizzar meets with George Bellringer on Alvelton Lane to have some specialized armor created. George is a metal smith that makes everything from ship anchors to nails to armor. George has thick fingers and broad shoulders.

The group learns from Richard Edmonds the name of two former owners of the House of the Setting Sun. These are William Vale and Fracis Trounson.

Castiel and Avari spend their time at the University of London.

Tuesday October 23, 1207 SA
Visit Yve again to say that the group is still interested in using her services but it will be some time in the future.

Castiel and Avari spend their time at the University of London.

Castiel goes on the hunt for a body guard and works with the Red Shield to find a viable candidate. Dusaro a middled age veteran meets the requirements and agrees to work from sunrise to sunset for 5 silver pieces a day.

Wednesday October 24, 1207 SA

Thursday October 25, 1207 SA

Friday October 26, 1207 SA
John, John and John let Markus know that another body has shown up missing its eyelids. They are on the trail of the person doing it and are pleased at the thought of collecting the bounty.

Saturday October 27, 1207 SA
A battered and bruised John visits the group’s room in the middle of the night with news about Markus’s target. John visits a guarded warehouse and returns looking like he is healed as well as having an overstuffed satchel of goods.

John meets with another John who says that “They are still holed up in that place…” from here the group sneaks down and alley, down a half flight of stairs and works to pick a locked door to gain access. The lock explodes as Markus works to pick the lock… a battle an elderly doppelganger of Markus and Kizzar.

The group has a heated debate with John, John, and John on the distribution of the spoils of the combat. John, John and John leave angry with the small spoils that the group decides to give them.



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