Street Attacks and Jail

Alwin Gets Captured and Flogged

Sunday October 28, 1207 SA
The group relocates to the Willow Tree Boarding House. The Willow Tree Boarding House takes up the entire block and is made up of many row housed. The houses are wrapped around a central courtyard with a huge willow tree and a park like atmosphere. The couple, Sanala and Rogist, runs the establishment. Sanala has fair skin and silvery hair while Rogist has olive skin and stiff dark hair and a long flowing beard.

Monday November 1, through Sunday, November 7 1207 SA
The group hunts for people to craft items of arcane might to assist them in their travels.

Castiel petitions the group to make the trip to Alexandria to track down the Colorless Lodge. It’s almost 7,000,000 miles from Paris to Alexandria. The group decides to cross the English Channel to Calais (cal-AY), France to Paris as the first leg of their journey. Along the way to Alexandria they plan to stop in Rome.

Monday November 8, 1207 SA
Alwin is attacked while on the way to visit Martha and makes the assailants pay the butchers bill. The group flees into the night after Alwin.

Tuesday November 9, 1207 SA
Alwin spends the day on the bridge that leads to “red light” district asking everyone if they knew anything about the people that attacked him the night before. The day ends with Alwin being put to sleep by an irritated arcanist.

That night Markus and Alwin go out to “find those bastards” that attacked Alwin the night before. As they search through the streets they are attacked my men with man catchers and others firing arrows from the roof top above. Markus climbs the building and gets knocked out. Alwin chases one of the attackers back to a small bar. When he enters the man yells “This bastard is chasing me!!” Alwin knocks the man unconscious as three of the patrons in the bar join the fight… Alwin beats them away and exits the bar.

Alwin returns to the street where the fight ensued but doesn’t see Markus. Alwin heads back to the Willow Tree Boarding House and flops down in his bed and passes out.

Wednesday November 10, 1207 SA
Try to find Markus but has no luck… Return to the bar where Alwin chased last night’s attacker. The group picks the lock on the door and sneaks into the establishment. They work their way up three flights and finds a bedroom with a couple asleep. As Alwin noisily makes his way across the room, a woman awakes and screams to shatter the morning. Her husband rises tosses a chamber pot at the group, grabs a club and stands defensively to protect his wife. The group flees quickly out into the streets.

Castiel and Avari visit the Green Monastery and learn that there is a contract out for their capture and delivery to an unnamed person.

Thursday November 10, 1207 SA
Alwin heads to the Raven Lore to track down John, John and John… Alwin starts a fight with the John’s and is magically held and knocked out by the Johns. John wakes up in jail…

Castiel visits New Gate Prison and learns that Alwin is locked up and will be put on trial for rape and attempted murder. Hires James Pescoe Esquire to serve as Alwin’s solicitor. James comes as a recommendation from Richard Edmonds and charges 5 GP to appear at New Gate Prison.

Monday November 14, 1207 SA
Alwin is found guilty of breaking and entering and is publically flogged for his crime.

Tuesday November 14 – November 26, 1207 SA
The group lays low and waits for their items to be created and collect the gear they need to make their cross continental trip to Africa.



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