Erebus Typhon

Stygian Antipaladin of Set


At a glance –

You see a young, human adult of muscular, athletic build – most of which is inferred by the thickness of neck and breath of shoulder and chest because the rest is concealed by a suit of thick, bronzed plate armor. A fine vermillion cloak, richly decorated with coiling snakes in subtle golden embroidery hangs across his back between the heavy armor of the shoulder plates. A broad, metal reinforced, leather scabbard, buckled low on his hip, rests easily at his side – an ornately pummeled blade ready at a moment’s notice. A bronzed shield, rounds out the warrior’s kit – depicting, in relief, a serpent’s head devouring the world.

Details -

Weapons: Obvious weapons include an exotic, polished metal weapon that looks more like long bladed axe than a sword as well as a number of fighting knives attached within easy reach to belts and within armored greaves. For those that would recognize the weapon, it is a khopesh, the traditional weapon of Stygian Infantry. Each blade includes a well maintained wrist strap and is secured in an oiled scabbard that betrays the fact that this man is a soldier by training and realizes the importance of maintaining the tools of his trade. The shield, made of heavy metal, is reinforced at the center and the occasional glint of light suggests that the edges may be sharpened as if intended for use as a weapon. The warrior’s plate gauntlets have reinforced backplates and hinges that protrude like spikes. It is obvious that each of these modifications are intended for advantage in close combat and overtly communicates that this man intends to win any fight he enters.

Appearance: Olive, lightly tanned skin, sharp features,  and  honey colored eyes, nearly iridescent if caught properly by firelight, mark the man as Stygian and of one of the ancient noble bloodlines. Close cropped black hair and a stern, if not critical affect reinforces a sense that the man, despite his apparent age, has served long years of military service.

Demeanor: Movements are fluid, confident, and graceful – despite the man’s size and the considerable weight of his armor. Occasionally lost in his own thoughts, perhaps of past adventures or military campaigns, he finds himself apologizing when in polite company once he realizes his attention has lapsed.


Stygian worshiper of Set

Offered at birth as a Holy Week tribute to the Cult of Set, Erebus Typhon (as he was named by the church) grew to become a living example of the mysteries of Set, proof that with effort man could unlock his true was divine nature and attain unimaginable power and supernatural ability.

A chance to eradicate the False Church of the Maker found Erebus in Kiev fighting alongside ideologically aligned partners in the Moscov Federation.

Erebus believes the the dying curse of the pontiff opened the door for a scheming Maker to create a new Reality…an Illusion not unlike the previous one…but one with new and different rules that has temporarily diminished the strength and power of Erebus and other, surviving members of the Faithful 88.

[[Erebus' Religious Beliefs | Erebus' Religious Beliefs]] as explained over the camp fire.

Erebus Typhon

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